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Powered by OpenTelemetry. Troubleshoot performance bottlenecks and errors within your distributed services, message brokers, queues, DB, and more.

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Choose how to send traces to Aspecto with one of these options:

OpenTelemetry SDK

Send trace data to Aspecto with the
native OpenTelemetry SDK
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OpenTelemetry Collector

Export traces to Aspecto using the
OpenTelemetry Collector
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We help developers find anything slow, fast.

Troubleshoot Issues with Visual Context

Track requests across services and easily find performance bottlenecks happening in your environment. Drill down into the slowest operation in a few clicks.

Get Deeper Visibility in Production

Quickly discover any errors and issues in production, pinpoint the root cause, and reproduce issues locally.

Find Relevant Traces Like Never Before

Frictionless, lightning-fast search. Use filters, textual search and groups to pinpoint exactly where in your system the problem is occurring.

You Control Your Data

We are committed to the security of your application’s data. While working with Aspecto, you
have complete control
over the data you send us. You decide which environments to run
Aspecto in (local, pre-production, or production), which services to monitor, what data to 
avoid, and the amount of data you send.

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