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Troubleshoot performance bottlenecks and errors within your microservices.
Correlate root causes across traces, logs and metrics.

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If it’s compatible with OpenTelemetry it’s compatible with Aspecto

Send OpenTelemetry data to Aspecto with these options:

Best-in-class OpenTelemetry experience

Wicked smart built-in remote sampling

Cut your OpenTelemetry traces cost with Aspecto built-in remote sampling. A single UI. No code changes. Easy.

wicked smart built-in sampling UI

OpenTelemetry data has never looked so good

How OTel data is visualized impacts your troubleshooting abilities. Go from a high-level overview to the very last detail with best-in-class visualization.

OpenTelemetry data has never looked so good

Enhance your trace data with logs

Correlate logs and traces. From logs to their matched traces and back with one click. Never lose context. Resolve issues faster.

Fast & simple trace search for true agility

Use filters, free-text search and groups to search your trace data and quickly pinpoint where in your system the problem is occurring.


Scale, we dare you!

Sampling Rules

Cut your costs by sampling only the data you need. Sample traces based on languages, libraries, routes and errors.

Data Privacy

Set data privacy rules to hide sensitive fields within trace data, specific routes or anywehre else.


Connect your day-to-day tools with your workflow. Logs, error monitoring, external events API, and more.