19 OpenTelemetry Collector Processors to Know

OpenTelemetry Processor Spaceman

In this guide, we will cover some of the most useful OpenTelemetry Collector Processors out there. Hopefully, you will either optimize how you currently use the Collector or even consider implementing the Collector to take advantage of the Processors’ capabilities. Before jumping into each Processor, it’s important to understand what is the Collector’s role and […]

OpenTelemetry Operator for Kubernetes: Practical Guide

Jaeger as an Operator in the Jaeger HQ

In this article, you will learn how to use the OpenTelemetry Operator. We will explore what a Kubernetes Operator is, how to use it, and tackle common issues you might encounter when setting up the Opentelemetry Operator in your cluster. This is the 4th part of our OpenTelemetry on Kubernetes series. In the previous articles, […]

How to Instrument AWS Services with OpenTelemetry

The A team using OpenTelemetry

In this AWS OpenTelemetry guide, you will learn how to instrument your AWS services with OpenTelemetry. I will demonstrate how to instrument a simple microservice system running on AWS. We will use AWS SQS, DynamoDB, and Lambda.  First, we will create all the resources we require using Terraform and AWS. Secondly, we will instrument our […]

Managing the cost of OpenTelemetry

The dark side of the moon OpenTelemetry

Right off the bat, you might find this blog post a bit strange. We are not used to managing the cost of our metrics and logs (we surely do not need someone to write a blog post about it). So what is unique about OpenTelemetry that requires a blog post for managing cost? What to […]

OpenTelemetry and eBPF: What You Need to Know Summary

eBPF Pokémon

In this short guide, you will learn about the unexplored world of OpenTelemetry and eBPF. What does eBPF mean for observability? Why are we even discussing it in the context of OpenTelemetry? Let’s get started. What to expect? What is eBPF?  Why is eBPF relevant to observability? What do OpenTelemetry and eBPF have to do […]

OpenTelemetry Collector: A Friendly Guide for Devs

Jaeger Nirvana Album Cover

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the OpenTelemetry Collector. Before reading about it myself, the collector felt like a complex beast. But as I was learning, I realized it was not so complicated after all. In a nutshell, the collector receives telemetry data and sends it to wherever you […]

OpenTelemetry Java: Getting Started Guide

OpenTelemetry Java (1)

This is a practical guide that brings you just what you need to get started with OpenTelemetry Java. No prior OpenTelemetry knowledge is needed – we will cover the basics here. For this OpenTelemetry Java example, we’ll be using the Spring Pet Clinic project, to save you some time setting up an example project. What […]

How to Write Integration Tests for Kafka in NodeJS

How to write an integration test for kafka in NodeJS

Writing integration tests is usually not such a fun task. You need to replicate a real environment and test the connections between the different parts of the system. You cannot rely on mocking as you would in a unit test since you need to simulate the actual environment. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how […]

What is Distributed Tracing? A Friendly Guide for Developers

Mona Jaeger

In this guide, you will learn what distributed tracing is, how it works and who uses it, why logs are not enough to debug your microservices, and what open-source OpenTelemetry has to do with it. Distributed Tracing: Table of Contents Introduction What is Distributed Tracing How Distributed Tracing Works Why We Need Distributed Tracing Distributed […]

Jaeger Tracing: The Ultimate Guide

Jaeger Tracing Spiderman

In this guide, you’ll learn what Jaeger tracing is, what distributed tracing is, and how to set it up in your system. We’ll go over Jaeger’s UI and touch on advanced concepts such as sampling and deploying in production.  You’ll leave this guide knowing how to create spans with OpenTelemetry and send them to Jaeger […]