Genson-js: a user-friendly JSON Schema generator

In modern web development, we deal with JSON every day. External APIs and our microservices usually have RESTful API and use JSON as the primary format.  Since we often use dynamically typed scripted languages like JavaScript and Python on the backend, those JSON payloads may be quite dynamic as well.  By “dynamic”, I mean that […]

How to Reduce RAM Consumption by X6 When Using ts-node

It turns out that running ts-node-dev / ts-node is constantly consuming hundreds of megabytes of RAM even for small and simple applications. In development, it is usually not a big concern, however, it can be, if your application is running inside a docker container with limited resources (for example, with Docker Desktop on Mac which allocates by default […]

Context Management in OpenTelemetry Node.js

context management opentelemetry nodejs

This post shares some of our experience gained by writing Node.js plugins and debugging context issues at Aspecto. You might find it interesting if: You are developing an instrumentation plugin for OpenTelemetry in Node. You get broken-traces or the structure of the trace tree is not as expected. You would like to have a deeper understanding […]

How to Send Large SQS/SNS Messages with Node.js

How to Send Large SQS/SNS Messages with Node.js

One of the common problems that people have with SQS and SNS is a message size limit. At the time of this writing, you can only send messages that are less than 256 KiB in size, which may be not enough in some scenarios and use cases. Since it’s a common problem there’s a common solution […]