Guide to Distributed Tracing with OpenTelemetry Dotnet

OpenTelemetry Dotnet Rick and Mod the Dotnet Bot

In this OpenTelemetry dotnet guide, you will learn exactly how to set up a .Net project that leverages OpenTelemetry, from scratch, and without any prior knowledge of OpenTelemetry. We will build a simple to-do app that uses ASP.NET CORE and MongoDB. We will then use OpenTelemetry to generate spans, and send them to Aspecto for […]

Guide to OpenTelemetry Distributed Tracing in Rust

OpenTelemetry Distributed Tracing in Rust

In this article, I will share my experience adding OpenTelemetry distributed tracing to a Rust application. I will attempt to answer the following questions: How to instrument Opentelemetry in Rust? How to add manual and auto instrumentations to a Rust application? How to use tracing to debug Rust applications? How to visualize traces and spans? […]

Distributed Tracing for Kafka with OpenTelemetry in Python

OpenTelemetry Kafka and Python

In this tutorial, I will cover Apache Kafka, OpenTelemetry, and how they play out together with practical examples in Python from 0 to 1. You will learn how to enable OpenTelemetry tracing in Python to generate spans and visualize traces for various Kafka operations.  What to Expect What is Apache Kafka? What is OpenTelemetry? OpenTelemetry […]

OpenTelemetry AWS-SDK Instrumentation for Ruby

OpenTelemetry AWS-ASK Instrumentation for Ruby

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to get started with the OpenTelemetry aws-sdk instrumentation for Ruby and what are some of the main use cases for this instrumentation.  (Link to the instrumentation repository below). Before we jump in, and for those new to OpenTelemetry, let’s cover two main concepts.  What is Opentelemetry? OpenTelemetry is […]

Instrument Your Node.js Apps with OpenTelemetry Like a PRO opentelemetry

Today we released a first-of-its-kind OpenTelemetry auto instrumentation plugin. An OpenTelemetry Instrumentation for Node.js. What makes this instrumentation different? Well, first, it’s the first full OpenTelemetry instrumentation for ever written.Second, there are no OpenTelemetry specs for or WebSocket; usually, at Aspecto, we try to make our instrumentation as close to the specs as […]

OpenTelemetry Elasticsearch Instrumentation for Node.js

At Aspecto, we use Elasticsearch as the primary tool for collecting, processing and searching telemetry traces. Since we enjoy using Elasticsearch internally, we set out to create an Elasticsearch instrumentation for Node.js. During our journey for instrumentation inspiration, we encountered other great instrumentations.  But something was still missing for us.  Something that would make this […]

OpenTelemetry KafkaJS Instrumentation for Node.js

kafka instrumentation

OpenTelemetry is a CNCF project, which, among other things, enables the collection of distributed traces. At Aspecto, we use OpenTelemetry at the core of our product. While implementing it in our backend, we found a few plugins that were missing, especially when dealing with asynchronous communication. One of them was KafkaJS. We took this opportunity to […]

OpenTelemetry aws-sdk Instrumentation for Node.js

Open Telemetry is a CNCF project, which, among other things, enables the collection of distributed traces. Traces enable observability into a software system by representing the flow of calls between different components in a service, or between different services, as well as relevant data per operation. Extracting trace data from a component is done by installing […]