Where Jaeger is limited, Aspecto got you covered

Take your tracing game to the next level with Aspecto.

You’re using Jaeger… why use Aspecto?

Jaeger helps many developers with their basic tracing needs. Aspecto gives you Jaeger on
steroids. With enhanced UI, search, and troubleshooting capabilities, you enjoy all the
benefits of Jaeger – and a lot more on top.

key enhancements include:

Search Capabilities

With Jaeger’s search, you’ll have to include the specific service name or tag, making it more of a hassle to find your trace in a complex distributed system.

With Aspecto’s Kibana-like search, you are able to quickly run a free-text search on all data and search by any payload attribute (really, any attribute).

Filtering and Grouping

Jaeger has a specific format for filtering, it’s easy to make mistakes and spend time finding and inserting the tag correctly.

Aspecto gives you a full list of optional attributes to group or filter by. From there, you can break it down even further with more filtering options.

Timeline and Diagram

Jaeger UI enumerates all span attributes in a long list. The dependency diagram requires a different setup and is not displayed within the same view.

With Aspecto, you get the requests timeline, dependency diagram, and error and performance overview, all in a single view and out-of-the-box.


To set Jaeger up, you’ll have to implement OpenTelemetry in your code, spin up Jaeger container and spin up a DB to store Jaeger data (like ElasticSearch).


Install Aspecto with a one-liner SDK. No need to bother with DIY setup and scalability - Aspecto got you covered.

“Aspecto helps us to step up above the traditional logs and to use much more accurate, granular and visual data when debugging new code or trying to improve software performance.”

Moshik Eilon

Tech Lead, Monday.com

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