Compare Aspecto & Jaeger

Aspecto is the Jaeger you’ve always dreamed of. Amazing free text search, error detection, breaking change detection, and a great visualization both of traces and service maps. Basically all you need to debug fast and smooth.

Find sources of latency, and optimize
performance with traces timeline
Payload: collect and analyze
Collect only
Visualize complex flows with a dependency diagram
Requires manual configuration and setup
Cross-environments traces visibility
End to end visibility in async messaging
Free text, Kibana-like search.
Detecting and resolving breaking changes
Logs and metrics: collect and analyze
One-liner SDK, OpenTelemetry-based
Implementing OpenTelemetry in your code. Spin up Jaeger container. Spin up a DB to store Jaeger data.

Where Jaeger is limited, Aspecto got you covered

Plans & Pricing

Next-generation tracing platform.
Troubleshoot microservices and prevent issues before they reach production.



The essentials for distributed
apps troubleshooting


Starting at $49

Security and compliance for
tracing at scale

Get Started in Minutes

Install a one-liner SDK and click the link in your terminal to open Aspecto