The Flexible, Feature-Rich Alternative to Jaeger

Aspecto gives you Jaeger on steroids with flexible search and filtering capabilities, advanced sampling, and true message brokers visibility.

Enjoy all the benefits of Jaeger - and a lot more on top

Jaeger helps many developers with their basic tracing needs. With Aspecto, you take your
trcing game to the next level. With enhanced UI, search, and troubleshooting capabilities,
you enjoy all the benefits of Jaeger – and a lot more on top.

Where Jaeger is limited, Aspecto got you covered.

Key enhancements include:

Flexible Search Capabilities

With Aspecto, you can quickly run a free-text search on all tracing data, and filter and group by any payload attribute (really, any attribute).

With Jaeger’s search, you’ll have to include the specific service name or tag, making it more of a hassle to find your trace in a complex distributed system.

Flexible Search Capabilities Aspecto Jaeger Trace Overview (1)

Simple and Intuitive Filtering

Easily filter out traces by HTTP methods, DB names, libraries, and more. You can drill down into the data even further with secondary dimension grouping.

Jaeger has a specific format for filtering, it’s easy to make mistakes and spend time finding and inserting the tag correctly.

End-to-End Message Brokers Visibiltiy

Visualize and understand the complete journey any message has gone through, who consumed it, and which services it interacted with. All out-of-the-box.

Jaeger often displays senders and receivers traces separately, which makes it more complicated to track and debug complex transactions involving messaging systems.

Timeline and Diagram

With Aspecto, you get the requests timeline, dependency diagram, and error and performance overview, all in a single view and out-of-the-box.

Jaeger UI enumerates all span attributes in a long list. The dependency diagram requires a different setup and is not displayed within the same view.

Timeline and Diagram Aspecto Jaeger SQS
Aspecto is Jaeger Alternative

Switching to
Aspecto is easy.

If you already have a Jaeger agent in your environment, you can configure it to send traces to Aspecto.

“I've never seen anything that can zoom into the root cause of errors at this speed and with this clear visualization. And it is so developer-friendly. Just makes life easier.”

Oded Levy

Director of Software, Huuuge Games

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