Integrate Aspecto with the tools and
technology you already use

Aspecto leverages the power of OpenTelemetry to collect and visualize
telemetry from across your system and support the languages,
frameworks, and platforms you already use


OpenTelemetry code instrumentation is supported for many popular programming languages. If it’s compatible with OpenTelemetry, we support it (and make sure it looks fantastic!)

Elihai Blomberg Riskified

“Aspecto is our OpenTelemetry infrastructure. From fully supporting the implementation to the consumption, management, scalability, and smooth visualization of OpenTelemetry data. It is an integral part of the team’s workflow.”

Elihai Blomberg

Head of Observability, Riskified

Messaging Systems

Display the entire route of any message sent through Kafka,
RabbitMQ, SQS, and other sorts of message brokers.

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Set up in minutes. No credit card required.

Aspecto is Jaeger Alternative

Switching from Jaeger to Aspecto is easy

If you already have a Jaeger agent in your environment, you can configure it to send traces to Aspecto.

Logs, alerting and tools

Aspecto integrates with the most popular tools so you can easly corrolate logs and traces, send alerts and troubleshoot your system.

If it’s compatible with OpenTelemetry it’s compatible with Aspecto

Send OpenTelemetry data to Aspecto with these options:

OpenTelemetry Circle All-in-One OTEL Center

So much more!

From service mesh and proxies to containers, Aspecto supports a lot of other tools.