Spend Less Time Debugging Your Microservices

Debugging with logs can only get you so far.
Aspecto lets you automatically visualize traces so you can understand the relationships between services and solve issues faster than ever.

Aspecto is a distributed tracing platform powered by OpenTelemetry that helps developers find, fix and prevent issues before your customers even notice.

Your Chrome DevTools for distributed applications

Easily invesigate request times, latency, application health, and more to gather insights during root cause analysis and solve performance bottlenecks, exceptions, improve code quality and resolve customers issues quickly.

Cut through the noise of distributed services

Quickly search, find and drill down into any trace in any environments. View traces aggregated or separate, filter by service name or HTTP route and drill down to the very root cause of any issue in seconds.

Visualize requests across services and message brokers

Visualize requests and messages across your entire application architecture to immediately find the right components to focus on when troubleshooting.Supporting AWS SQS, Kafka, RabbitMQ and more.

How to get started

Install a one-liner SDK and click the link in your terminal to open Aspecto.

Already using OpenTelemetry collector?
Use it to export traces to Aspecto. Read docs.

Plans & Pricing

Predictable pricing, defined by the amount of data you want to send.
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The developer essentials for
distributed apps troubleshooting

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Tracing at scale with embedded
security & compliance

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