Debugging with Logs Can Only Get You so Far. Meet Distributed Tracing.

Using distributed tracing, Aspecto lets you automatically visualize complex relationships within your microservices so you can find and fix any issue in record time. Because logs aren’t always enough.

You’re in Good Company

Distributed Tracing vs. Logs

Logs are the breadcrumbs trail developers leave within their applications to read them later to understand the application behavior. But in distributed systems, our code is getting distributed, and with that, our logs. 

Distributed tracing helps us pinpoint what happens between the different services and components and showcases their relationships. So it’s easy to understand and investigate microservices issues.

Aspecto Helps You Find Anything Slow, Fast

Call-Stack for Your Distributed Services

With distributed tracing, you can easily understand how long each request took, which components and services it interacted with, and the latency introduced during each step, giving you a complete picture, end-to-end.

distributed tracing Aspecto UI

Investigate Messages Across Services and Message Brokers

Visualize the progression of messages across your system to immediately find the right services to focus on when troubleshooting.

Supporting AWS SQS, Kafka, RabbitMQ, and more.


Easy, Fast, and Flexible Search

With multiple filtering options and a free-text search, zoom into the root cause of any issue faster than ever. Designed for developers to find any error with a few clicks.

Aspecto UI Trace Overview Table and Graph

Get Started in Minutes

Choose how to send traces to Aspecto with one of these options:

OpenTelemetry SDK

Send trace data to Aspecto with the
native OpenTelemetry SDK
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OpenTelemetry Collector

Export traces to Aspecto using the
OpenTelemetry Collector
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