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Join the quest for easy, efficient, and elegant distributed application testing

Malabi is an open-source Javascript framework, OpenTelemetry-based, that allows
you to leverage trace data and improve assertion capabilities.

Who will get my email? One of our developers working on Malabi will contact you
to see how you can contribute to the project.

How Malabi works

Malabi is installed on the test runner and communicates with an OpenTelemetry SDK installed on our services. The SDK aggregates and stores trace data and waits for Malabi to fetch this data. Malabi will then provide it to us in the assert phase of the testing process.

Malabi benefits

Increasing our test reliability and preventing issues early in the development cycle. By leveraging available tracing data we’re able to get deeper visibility into the processes running across our entire system.

Why join?

Because OpenTelemetry is the future of observability, and we can build it together. If you’re passionate about tracing and observability, become a part of changing the way we test our distribution applications. We’d love you to join us in creating this open-source and contribute to OpenTelemetry’s growing popularity.