The OpenTelemetry Bootcamp

A weekly video series that brings you everything you need to know to get started with OpenTelemetry. From zero to hero, this is where you get your OpenTelemetry questions answered.

Here’s what to expect

Live Q&A

Ask any question during the live sessions. We’ll answer them right on the spot.

Streaming Channels

We stream on YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn so feel free to join any of them.

100% Free

Just jump into the live streaming, get yourself some coffee, sit back and relax.

Episode 1: Intro to OpenTelemetry

  • How OpenTelemetry can help me
  • Overview of the architecture
  • Basic deployment

Episode 2: Integrate Your Code

  • OpenTelemetry SDK deep dive
  • How to integrate traces, logs, and metrics
  • Real-world use cases and how to solve them

Episode 3: Deploy to Production

  • Deploying a collector
  • Setting up a traces storage
  • Implementation & production-ready deployment

Episode 4: Dealing with High Volumes

  • Managing sample rate
  • Tradeoffs to consider
  • Cost

Episode 5: Custom Instrumentation

  • Benefits & best practices
  • How to do it yourself

Episode 6: Testing with OpenTelemetry

  • Intro to trace-based testing
  • Available open-sources
  • Implementation & real-world usage
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With your host, Michael Haberman


All live coding during these sessions will be done with NodeJS