Mastering The

OpenTelemetry Collector

By the end of this 45-minutes session, you’ll know how to set up and run the OpenTelemetry Collector. Live Q&As are part of the deal!

OpenTelemetry Circle All-in-One (1)

Here’s what to expect

Live Q&A

Ask any question during this session. We’ll answer it right on the spot.

Vendor Neutral

Pure OpenTelemetry education, no vendors, no promotions.

100% Free

Just jump into the live session, get youself some coffee, sit back and relax.

This 45-minutes session covered:

  1. What is the OpenTelemetry Collector and components overview
  2. How does it work internally, and what are the types of deployment available
  3. Where should we export the data to, and where to store this data
  4. Live demo: Deep dive into setting up Processors, Exporters, Receivers
  5. Sending trace data to visualization and storage tools
  6. Tips and best practices for production deployment
  7. Live Q&A.


Group 161

Michael Haberman
CTO @ Aspecto