How to Win OpenTelemetry Adoption in Your Company

In this 45-minute live session, you will learn how to lead and methodically roll out OpenTelemetry adoption and expansion in your company.

OpenTelemetry Circle All-in-One (1)

Here’s what to expect

Live Q&A

Ask any question during this session. We’ll answer it right on the spot.

Vendor Neutral

Pure OpenTelemetry education, no vendors, no promotions.

100% Free

Just jump into the live session, get youself some coffee, sit back and relax.

This 45-minutes session will cover:

  1. Why OpenTelemetry adoption in most organizations is not easy
  2. What to trace and practical first steps
  3. Which metrics to measure when starting out and how to do it
  4. You’ve got your first trace – how to expand?
  5. How to create expansion in other teams
  6. Where usually things go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls
  7. How to succeed with leadership
  8. Live Q&A.

Michael Haberman
CTO @ Aspecto