Live Session:
OpenTelemetry and Messaging Systems Fundamentals

By the end of this 45-minutes session, you’ll know how to run OpenTelemetry with Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS/SNS (and others) in your system. Live Q&As are part of the deal, so feel free to ask anything!

OpenTelemetry Circle Messaging

Here’s what to expect

Live Q&A

Ask any question during this session. We’ll answer it right on the spot.

Vendor Neutral

Pure OpenTelemetry education, no vendors, no promotions.

100% Free

Just jump into the live session, get youself some coffee, sit back and relax.

This 45-minutes session will cover:

  1. What is OpenTelemetry, and how do developers benefit from it (using real-world use cases).
  2. Overview of the 3 pillars of observability (logs, metrics, and traces).
  3. The OpenTelemetry stack and architecture overview: What are its components and how does it work.
  4. Instrumentations and visualization.
  5. Live coding: How to instrument different message brokers using OpenTelemetry.
  6. Tips for success and how to win org buy-in.
  7. Live Q&A.

See you there!


Group 161

Michael Haberman
CTO @ Aspecto