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“Aspecto helps us to step up above the traditional logs and to use much more accurate, granular and visual data when debugging new code or trying to improve software performance.”

Moshik Eilon

Tech Lead,


A span is essentially any event that happens between two or more components in a distributed system. To be more technical about it: a span represents an individual unit of work done in a distributed system. Each component of the distributed system contributes a span – a named, timed operation representing a piece of the workflow. Multiple spans represent a trace.

We are currently supporting NodeJS, Python, Java, Ruby, Scala, .Net and Go. However, we always work on adding new languages. If you’re interested in getting started with Aspecto and use a language other than those on the list, let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Aspecto free-forever plan lets you get started in minutes, no credit card required. Generally speaking, the pricing is defined by the amount of data you want to send to us. So you can start playing around with Aspecto, and as long as you send up to 5M spans per month (with 3-days data retention), it is free forever.

Your data is measured daily and billed monthly; $40/month for 10M spans. This way, you can predict your data cost each month. The price goes down once you pass 250M spans/month and as you consume more. Contact us to learn more about how pricing changes.

You control your data retention timeframe. For the Team Plan, you get a default 14-days data retention. Longer retention is available with additional cost. Contact us to get a customized retention timeframe.

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