Detect anomalies before they impact production with OpenTelemetry

Using OpenTelemetry data, Aspecto generates a detailed report that helps you and your team find performance issues, detect schema changes, find new errors, and prevent the next production downtime.

Aspecto aims to help developers ship better code to production, faster.
Detect and fix deep performance and business logic issues that will otherwise end up in production.

Detect issues that otherwise end up in production

Aspecto implements telemetry data that learns your system, then compares what each team member does locally to the production, staging, or other locals baseline data, allowing your team to validate changes and prevent issues before they get to production.

Pre-production performance analysis

Aspecto brings your team the ability to see changes in performance before deploying to production. Developers can easily capture any increase in API calls, query execution times, failed tests and more.

Detect unexpected schema changes

Find possible breaking changes without testing and before deploying to production. Aspecto learns the contract between services and shows you which other services might break contract with your teams’ services and vice versa.

Get real-time notifications

Set up your conditions, thresholds, and triggers for potential errors, performance issues and breaking changes to immediately get notified directly to Slack or email.

How to get started

Aspecto natively supports data collected using OpenTelemetry.
Install a one-liner SDK and click the link in your terminal to open Aspecto.

Already using OpenTelemetry collector? Use it to export traces to the Aspecto’s OTEL collector.  Read docs.

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