Distributed tracing, designed for developers

Get complete visibility into every performance issue and error within your services, message brokers, queues, DB, and more.

Relax, you’re in good company

Find Anything Slow, Fast

Filter tracing data with max flexibility

Filter traces in production by any attribute to quickly pinpoint any issue. Use one or many from the filters list.

Powerful free-text search

Type in anything to search the exact trace where the issue occured. We will make sure you find it.

The timeline and services map you deserve

Visualize and troubleshoot transactions within your distributed services. Use the service map and timeline to resolve errors and performance issues with zero effort.

How to get started

Choose how to send traces to Aspecto with one of these options:

OpenTelemetry SDK

Send trace data to Aspecto with the native OpenTelemetry SDK
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OpenTelemetry Collector

Export traces to Aspecto using the OpenTelemetry Collector
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Predictable Pricing

With straightforward pricing, you never have to worry about your monthly bill.
Pay for what you use, scale up when you’re ready, always start for free.