Best-in-class OpenTelemetry experience

Built-in sampling to reduce telemetry cost at scale + logs and traces visualization for complete system visibility and troubleshooting.

Start free. Unlimited features. No credit card required.


Distributed tracing built for OpenTelemetry data from day one.

Correlate logs and traces

Effortlessly travel between your logs and their matched traces.

Cost-effective sampling

Always start free. Cut telemetry cost at scale with built-in remote sampling.

Distributed tracing experience designed for developers

OpenTelemetry data has never looked so good

OpenTelemetry data has never looked so good

How OTel data is visualized can make or break your troubleshooting capabilities. Go from a high-level overview to the very last detail with best-in-class visualization.

Sample what matters. Cut telemetry cost.

Remotely sample traces based on any span property, including errors, attributes, and duration to collect the most insightful traces, not just the common X%.

wicked smart built-in sampling UI

Correlate logs and traces. Never lose context.

View logs and traces side-by-side. Jump from logs to their corresponding traces and spans with one click. Resolve issues faster and never lose context.

Filter tracing data with max flexibility

Free-Text Search

Search any term or attribute within your trace data using free text search.

Key-Value Search

Key-Value Search

Search by attribute key and value in JSON payloads and HTTP query string.

Filters by Parameters

Filters by Parameters

Easily filter out processes by HTTP methods, DB names, libraries and more.

If it’s compatible with OpenTelemetry it’s compatible with Aspecto

Send OpenTelemetry data to Aspecto with these options:

One-on-one support to get started with OpenTelemetry in your system

You’re in good company​


Scale, we dare you!

Sampling Rules

Cut your costs by sampling only the data you need. Sample traces based on languages, libraries, routes and errors.

Data Privacy

Set data privacy rules to hide sensitive fields within trace data, specific routes or anywehre else.


Connect your day-to-day tools with your workflow. Logs, error monitoring, external events API, and more.

Predictable Pricing

Pay for what you use, scale up when you’re ready. Unlimited features.

Free Forever


Best for individuals, small (yet powerful) R&D teams and testing the Aspecto platform


From $40/month

Best for mid-sized R&D teams with dozens of services in multiple languages