The Chrome DevTools for Your Microservices

See your backend activities live as you develop in your local, staging, or production environments

Diagnose problems quickly, on-the-fly

Aspecto connects to your local backend activity stream in real-time, as you develop, and shows you a detailed view of what’s going on – which services are connected, what data was transferred and how long each action took.

Distributed tracing Aspecto single trace

Reading logs doesn't have to be time-consuming

Understanding logs in a distributed system can take a whole lot of time and energy. Aspecto visualizes the data flow and interactions between components for you, so you can quickly understand the complete story of every transaction.

Search anything,
never get lost again

Easily search any parameter and attribute in your logs or I/O data and visualize their journey over a service map so you can immediately find the right components to focus on when troubleshooting.

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