Keep Your Messaging System Game Strong

Simplify investigating and troubleshooting issues and errors across your services, message brokers, and queues.

It’s about you and your stack

Display the entire route of any message sent through Kafka,
RabbitMQ, SQS, and other sorts of message brokers.

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“I've never seen anything that can zoom into the root cause of errors at this speed and with this clear visualization. And it is so developer-friendly. Just makes life easier.”

Oded Levy

Director of Software, Huuuge Games

Get End-to-End Visibility. For Real.

Visualize and understand the complete journey any message has gone through, who consumed it, and which services it interacted with.

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OpenTelemetry SDK

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native OpenTelemetry SDK
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OpenTelemetry Collector

Export traces to Aspecto using the
OpenTelemetry Collector
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