OpenTelemetry Remote Sampling

Aspecto’s remote sampling helps you sample OpenTelemetry traces, with a single UI and without changing your code.

Set up in minutes. No credit card required.

Best-in-class distributed tracing experience

Define Head-Based Sampling Rules

Set up at the SDK level. Decide to sample or not upfront, at the beginning of each trace. Define your conditions and sampling rate. Best for filtering out ongoing workflows such as health checks or highly-frequent requests.

Define Tail-Based Sampling Rules

Set up at the Collector level, sampling decisions are made at the end of the workflow allowing for filtering out traces based on spans results, attributes, and duration. Best for collecting traces with errors and for easy modifications during incidents.

Learn how to set up Aspecto OpenTelemetry Tail-Collector

OpenTelemetry Circle All-in-One OTEL Center

If it’s compatible with OpenTelemetry it’s compatible with Aspecto

Send OpenTelemetry data to Aspecto with these options:

One-on-one support to get started with OpenTelemetry in your system

Implementing OpenTelemetry Sampling

If you are approaching sampling implementation and want to get more hands-on, watch episode 4
of the OpenTelemetry Bootcamp on YouTube (it has chapters).

We cover a ton in there – from how to calculate the cost, tips to production deployment, and more.