Get End-to-End Production Visibility. For Real.

Get full visibility from macro to micro in staging & production.
Search any trace, see every endpoint-to-endpoint transaction and find issues faster than ever.

Cut through the noise with Trace Search

With Kibana-like search and advanced filter capabilities you can quickly find any trace in your staging & production environments. View traces aggregated or separate, filter by service name or HTTP route and drill down to the very root cause of any issue in seconds.

Distributed tracing Aspecto

Locate any issue on a remote environment

Search any attribute from your logs or I/O data. Aspecto will show you the specific flow and visualize it over a service map so you can immediately find the right components to focus on.

Eliminate message brokers guesswork

Use Aspecto to see the complete journey any message has gone through, who consumed it, and what happened to it after. Whether you are using SQS/SNS, Kafka, RabbitMQ, or anything in between, understanding what happened to a published message should not involve guesswork.

Reproduce any action locally

Dig deeper into issues and what triggered them by reproducing any action locally – just export to Postman/curl and run. The reproduced action will appear immediately in Aspecto.

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