PR with Peace of Mind​

Prevent possible issues in a new PR with this automatically generated report

PR Prevention Report

Aspecto automatically creates a report every time you create a pull request to Git, allowing you to understand and avoid any possible issue in the new version and deploy with confidence. Compare your new version with current versions of production, CI, and your team’s local environments.

Report Overview

Fully understand each PR influence

The topology view makes it easier for your team to review each other’s PRs and understand which components and services they affect.

flow coverage section in the PR report

Forget code coverage - this is Flow Coverage

Aspecto compares your PR to previous versions so you can make sure you test every transaction between services and find possible issues before deploying to production.

Detect & fix breaking changes

Detect possible breaking changes without testing and before deploying to production. Aspecto learns the contract between services and reports changes on endpoints that might break contracts with other services using these endpoints.

PR report New Flows

New flows

Never miss a new interaction between services that were added during a new PR.

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