Fast & Simple Trace Search for True Agility

Use filters, textual search, and groups to pinpoint exactly where in your system the problem is occurring.

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Free-Text Search

Search any term or attribute within your trace data using free text search.

Key-Value Search

Search by attribute key and value in JSON payloads and HTTP query string.

Filters by Parameters

Easily filter out processes by HTTP methods, DB names, libraries and more.

“Aspecto helps us to step up above the traditional logs and to use much more accurate, granular and visual data when debugging new code or trying to improve software performance.”

Moshik Eilon

Tech Lead,

Cut Through The Noise in Production, Fast.

Easily go from a high-level overview down to very last detail. Finding the right answers to your errors starts with eliminating the noise.

Trace Search Main Screen

Secondary Dimension Grouping

With secondary dimension grouping, you can break tracing data even further to find the real troublemakers in your system.

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Choose how to send traces to Aspecto:

OpenTelemetry SDK

Send trace data to Aspecto with the
native OpenTelemetry SDK
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OpenTelemetry Collector

Export traces to Aspecto using the
OpenTelemetry Collector
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