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Easily identifiying and checking a hard-to-reproduce performance issue


A customer says that an action takes too long – this action involves a few microservices and takes 30 sec instead of 2 sec.

You need to see where’s the bottleneck and solve the issue, but the issue isn’t reproduced for other users, including you.

Before Aspecto

This is a real hassle. When the issue doesn’t reproduce, you will need the customer’s help to reproduce the issue. Maybe you will even need to use his machine to see the issue. If you somehow reproduce it, you will have to write logs and deploy. This issue might get pushed aside if it takes to long to solve.

With Aspecto

There’s no need to reproduce the issue! You can locate the original trace easily and see a timeline view of the microservices involved.
Only 2 steps until recognition, see how below.

Step 1: Search for the user ID in Flows.

Use search and filter in “Flows” to find the problematic trace: insert the user’s ID to the search and Filter the relevant route. 
You can quickly see the relevant flow by looking at the execution time.

Step 2: Select the flow and open the timeline

In the timeline you will be able to identify which component was the slowest. With Aspecto’s help, you can now fix the problem in no time.

Step 3: Reproduce the flow to check your fix

In Aspecto you can easily reproduce the exact flow of the problematic user to check the fix you created. 
In the problematic end-point’s 3 dots menu, select “Reproduce request” and you can run it in Postman or cURL.

Conclusion & Solution

After only 2 simple steps, it was easy lo locate the exact component that caused the entire flow’s performance issue. As aspecto saved the data that was transferred between components, there was no need to reproduce – the trace was easily found and analyzed.

Reproducing the action in order to check the fix is also easy with Aspecto.

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